Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting 7/6/14

Larger group latihans over a number of days has a powerful, cumulative spiritual effect. The entertainment, artistic presentations and being together were very worthwhile.
Find a way to get someone from each local group to meetings—Arizona and Utah in particular
Decide if Albuquerque should be the venue of the next regional gathering
Have one event in each local group each year or every two years
Offer travel assistance for delegates to meetings from outlying areas
Whip up support for meetings.

Council Membership
The council meetings are open to everyone; it has about 20 members. There are group emails and phone meetings. A number of people were interested in joining.
Send out an agenda and notify everyone on how to be involved in the meetings
Find a time that is good for most people
Allocate specific tasks to people that like to do them.

Regional Assets
The region has $110,000 in a regional housing fund with Steve Radow as the trustee.
The Atalanta Project has 44 acres in Crestone. Currently it has community gardens, a straw-bale building, goats and occasional use for Subud or community programs.
Should we consider buying a house or property for the region?
Could Atalanta be taken on as a regional project?
What kind of use might Atalanta have: latihan hall, healing/retreat center, assisted living facilities or retirement community? (Manitou Foundation is looking for the latter).
How much energy and interest is there in the region for an Atalanta project?

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