RMR Council Meeting 9/7/14

Present: Roland Evans, Ruslan Feldman, Laura Lathrop, Lilea Worthington, Eli Dokson, Rachel Amos, Orianne Evans, Lawrence Pevec, Salomon Chavez, Rohanna Muth, Joanna Dokson.

Monthly Meeting Times: Different times were suggested and put up on a “Doodle” Internet calendar. Most people present can do 5.30-6.30 on Sunday evenings—but that does conflict with some group latihans.

Next meeting:  Sunday October 12th 5.30-6.30pm

Ideas and Experiences from the International Congress in Puebla
Salomon, Ruslan, Lawrence, Laura and Lilea shared their experiences and offered suggestions for our region.
Most participants expressed how wonderful the Congress was for them personally, even though there were difficulties with congress organization.  Some highlights include:

  • Recognizing the amazing willingness and capacity of volunteers to get things done
  • Working through conflicts and differences in order to work together
  • Enjoying the artistic talent and energy of younger members
  • Feeling encouraged that younger members can “carry the torch” of Subud into the future
  • Experiencing the large latihans and the questions recorded by Ibu Rahayu and tested during latihan
  • “Awakening testing” in breakout groups
  • The “Success Panels” discussing Subud enterprises, especially the relationship between Kalimantan Gold and the indigenous culture and people
  • The benefits of and support for Subud houses/premises throughout the world.

Ideas for the Region:

  1. Work on the spiritual “wellness” of the region. Encourage helpers to be more involved in resolving differences of opinion so we can work together better.  Action by Regional Helpers
  2. Organize a “cultural road-show” to showcase Subud talent—ongoing rather than only at gatherings, possibly for general public.  Action by Ruslan: Explore receptivity to regional cultural events, especially in Carbondale.
  3. Explore the possibility of group and regional Subud premises.  Action by Lawrence: Talk to Boulder members about a Subud house.  Action by Lilea: Begin exploring group (Albuquerque) and regional premises.
  4. Find out if the testing questions from Ibu Rahayu are available for general distribution.  Action by Regional Helpers plus Laura and Lilea.

Other Topics:
Atalanta: Looking at a plan for an intentional/retirement community. Action by Marcella and Joanna: Make a short presentation on Atalanta to the next meeting.

Regional Newsletter: Could possibly put it up on the new RMR website (in process). Action by Rohanna and Roland: work on structure and content for the newsletter.

Subud Archives: Phoenix and our region is home to some of the WSA archives. Action by Daniela Moneta: Make a short presentation on the archives at the next meeting.

Thank you to Orianne for taking notes of the meeting.

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