RMR Council Meeting 8/10/14

Present: Rachel Amos, Eli Dockson. Roland Evans, Marie Jeffers

Next Meeting September 7th at 5.30
• Meeting time is later to avoid Sunday group latihans
• Move to 1st Sunday of the month

Connection and Community
• Some groups do not have strong connection between members
• Connection starts at local group and then works outward
• Joint projects help facilitate connection
• Promote regular visits of nearby groups for joint latihans (potlucks?)
• Use the council as a means to connect by contacting individuals from each group and inviting them to participate.

Regional Helpers
• How should we support the work of the regional helpers—not just financially? What is the role of the council in facilitating RH work?
• Should there be a regular program of visiting groups by RHs—not just for crises
• How can we get local helpers more involved?
• Invite helpers from each group to council or phone kedjiwan meetings—regional council to facilitate.

International Congress
• Invite members who attended the Congress in Puebla to share their experience and ideas
• Use next council meeting for that purpose

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