RMR Council Meeting 5/17/15

Attending: Loretta, Roland, Orianne, Eli, Ruslan

Regional Gathering

Not many left, as there is another event that weekend. Book soon.
Eli has sent reminder—may need another
Available: Casa del sol, one single room $70/night.  Sangre de Cristo Inn.

28 people registered including 12 kids
At least 15 more indicated they are coming but not registered
Maybe 50 plus people total
Discussion about possibly calling people, maybe isolated people or people who have indicated interest.

Practical Preparation
We have the tents
We have some volunteers to help with setup on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
Maybe hire a young person to help with manual labor
Max will come a day early to help.
What happens to tents for family camp?
Probably get help from families staying for family camp.
Breakdown on Sunday night by people staying?

Covered by experienced person on Saturday (not sure about Sunday)
Activities available for kids on Saturday
Kids in opening circle on Saturday.
Kids at stables for artistic and other activities

Simultaneous latihan possible if we use POA

Friday at POA:
3:00 POA open for Registration. Loretta and Roland to do meet and greet, provide information, etc.
5:00 Meal – help yourself whenever you get there – soups/salads provided by group
7:00 Opening Circle – let people know about schedule, workshop, etc.

Saturday at stables:
9:30 opening circle with everyone, including kids
11.00 Latihan – men at POA, women in tent, kids in childcare
12:30 Lunch at stables – barbeque, including burgers, veggie, gluten-free, dairy-free options
2-5 WORKSHOPS – TBA (possibilities: Ren, Cedar, Trish, Roland, Loretta)
6:00 – 9:00 DINNER AT DESERT SAGE. We have the whole restaurant for casual entertainment
Eli possibly provides basic sound system
Out the door by 9.00

Sunday at stables/Atalanta:
9:30 latihan, men at POA, women in tent
10:30: Closing circle/ceremony/community building? At stables? At Atalanta?
12:30 Lunch – sandwiches

Other notes:
Budget is on track, with money available for assistance
Breakfast – own responsibility
Ruslan to talk to Joanna about creating a closing ceremony, possibly on land
When to go to Atalanta?
Silent auction: Will someone organize?
Will someone send out a note asking for donations?
Raise money for helper travel?
Roland will send out email re workshops and silent auction


Next meeting on June 7th to finalize arrangements.

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