RMR Council Meeting 5/15/16

Minutes of the Subud RMR Council Meeting
May 15, 2016

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Salomon Chavez (RH), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Joanna Dokson (RH), Lianne Card (NH), Lawrence Pevec (RH), Rohanna Muth, Rachael Amos (RH), Max Zieher.

Next meeting TBA

  1. Regional Congress
  • RH did testing: general feeling of waking up, expansion, growth, coming and being together, connecting spiritually, space for possibilities and opportunity for new experience.
  • How to put the testing into practice:
    • Spread ourselves around and make contact with others—be loving and friendly
    • Pray before meetings and for others—awareness of being in service to members
    • Testing after latihan and forums for sharing deeper experiences
    • Sharing circles and holding the space—encouraging members to talk
  • Registration: 24 rooms reserved—45 registered including children.
  • Need to do testing of chairman and vice chairman—collect nominees
  • Focus on the silent auction. Can do a group auction if there are valuable donations.
  • Practical arrangements:
    • Audiovisual projector (available in the conference room)
    • Nametags with meal tickets
    • Remind attendees of silent auction and gift shop
  • Roland to do draft schedule with Rohanna and distribute
  1. Regional Humanitarian Project
  • Few responses to the survey—members need specific suggestions not abstract ideas
  • Need something initiated from the heart and inner feeling
  • Support existing projects: Atalanta, Susila Dharma projects in Mexico
  • Discuss more at congress
  1. National Congress
  • Call for regional delegates: Joanna willing to be a delegate if needed
  • Members from Tucson attending: Roland to contact to see if they are willing
  1. Regional Helpers Visits
  • Proposed RH visit to Phoenix and AZ groups
  • Date to de decided after national congress

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