RMR Council Meeting 4/10/16

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Salomon Chavez (RH), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Joanna Dokson (RH), Lianne Card (NH), Lawrence Pevec (RH), Rohanna Muth, Rachael Amos (RH), Max Zieher 

Next meeting Sunday 8th of May from 5:30-6:30

  1. Congress Registration
  • Registration: 15 members signed up—need 35-40 people. Complete registration target date May 2nd—must send 50% deposit on May 14th.
  • Send out reminders/prompts and invite Dallas members (Ruslan) and women in Santa Fe (Joanna).   Remind National Office and put piece in E-Blast (Roland). ABQ members need to register (Rohanna/Max).
  • Need to get hard copies of registration form to each group—Roland, Boulder; Salomon, ABQ
  • Many members say they cannot come.
  1. Congress Task Checklist
  • Onsite table: Fri night/Sat morn—Joanna, Cedar, Lawrence and other (ABQ?)
  • Badges: Salomon to print—needs list of Subud names 5 days before
  • Meal tickets: need 4 volunteers—possible those with financial assistance
  • Workshops/Presentations: Atalanta, Housing Committee, Humanitarian Project, Roland, Cedar, Art?—Roland to coordinate
  • Gift Shop: Rachael—limited room in the shop. Remind people to bring products
  • Silent Auction: Laura—need tables, probably in main space
  • Loud Auction: Ruslan—remind people to bring treasures for both auctions (All)
  • Facilities Liaison/Steward: ask people to volunteer at sign up—spread responsibility
  • Transportation: Max to coordinate on Friday. Cars available.
  • Childcare: Not many children attending—may only need it for ABQ families (Eli to check). Use parents/volunteers or hire professional?
  1. Project Planning Group
  • Phone meeting on April 6th—Roland, Rohanna, Simon, Sophia (Joanna absent)
  • Rohanna: Survey of member’s interest. Sophia: Liaison with SD. Simon: Elder community needs. Roland:
  1. Regional Housing CommitteeSalomon and Sophia
  • Salomon to coordinate presentation and testing at congress
  • Roland/Eli to check info and docs for Salomon


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