RMR Council Meeting 3/13/16

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Salomon Chavez (RH), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Joanna Dokson (RH), Lianne Card (NH), Sophia Nicoletti, Lawrence Pevec (RH)

Next meeting Sunday 10th of April from 5:30-6:30


National Congress in Indianapolis—July 6 – 10

European Gathering in Poland—July 24 – Aug 3

Americas Gathering in Cali Colombia—Aug 10 – 17

 2016 Regional Congress—May 28 – 30

  • Send out notice inviting members to pretest for Regional Chairman. Also invite pretesting for a further woman Regional Helper.
  • Registration form should be complete by end of week and then a week to get up on the website. Pay via Paypal.
  • Need to get a rough estimate of attendees: contact groups
  • Childcare: Max; Entertainment: Loretta and Eli. Need people for transportation, gift shop, registration, etc.
  • Agenda:
    • Testing for Regional and Vice Chairman; financial report; charitable project; housing
    • Circle sharing; workshops and presentations; auction; entertainment.
  1. Women’s Retreat in Crestone (Joanna)
  • 10-11 women—group testing, healing latihans for woundedness of self, relationships and world
  • Soul collage, music and singing
  1. Atalanta (Joanna)
  • Application and planning for water and sewer services. Preliminary cost around $10,000. Local fund donated $2,000 for legal fees.
  • Renewed interest and energy to work on infrastructure for 8-9 acres development.
  1. Regional Housing Committee
  • Need to revive housing committee to work on procedures and process to access the regional housing fund of over $100,000.
  • Salomon and Sophia agreed to be involved with the committee. Need to do presentation and testing at congress


  • Need to reactivate the MailChimp email for the regional latihan

ABQ has new latihan venues on Tuesday and Saturday (simultaneous). Also latihan on Thursday at other venue.

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