RMR Council Meeting 11/9/14

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Cedar Barstow (Vice Chair), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Rachael Amos (Regional Helper), Lawrence Pevec (RH), Joanna Dokson (RH), Salomon Chavez (RH), Lillia Worthington, Ruslan Feldman (RH), Rohanna Muth, Orianne Evans.

Next meeting Sunday 14th of December from 5:30-6:30.

  1. Communications
  • Newsletter: Rohanna Muth and Laura Lathrop will develop a regional newsletter to come out approximately every quarter
    • To be distributed via email with a copy on the RMR website and printed hard copies as requested
    • Intention is to reach out to all members with shared experiences and regional information—first issue will highlight Regional Helpers and committee
    • Rohanna to send out a request for short articles, pictures and announcements
  • NeonCRS and MailChimp: National is promoting the use of these programs to create integrated databases and communication—this would replace our Google groups
    • Roland to talk with National and review the programs
  • Census: Rachel is working on the census of “regional” or “isolated” members. Boulder and Denver have completed their census
    • RHs to remind groups to complete the census
  1. Regional Helpers
  • RH and National Helpers will visit the Denver group on Sat 12/15 for latihan, pot-luck and testing
  1. Cultural Events
  • Proposed cultural event in Carbondale in the Spring of next year
    • Regional Helpers to discuss and Ruslan to coordinate
  1. Subud Premises
  • Boulder: Lawrence did a group survey
    • 3 members interested and 9 members not—majority like how things are
    • Boulder members more likely to support a regional center
  • Albuquerque: 7 members met to explore group and regional options
    • Positive energy and a wish to keep moving forward and explore fundraising
    • ABQ real estate is inexpensive but premises sell quickly so useful to have earnest money from the region available
    • Council supports the idea of making earnest money available from the regional housing fund but needs to clarify the policies and procedures first
  • Roland will gather information from National and other regions on how to proceed with disbursing regional housing funds
  1. Atalanta Association:
  • Purchased a shed and applying to water district for water supply (not sewage) to 9 acres for development
  • Hope to have information by the end of the year and then will be ready for a proposal to the region
  1. Finances:
  • Have balance of around $2,000 (usually $3,000)—pledge $500 monthly to National
  • Recently we are $100+ short each month on budget
  • Donate button on the website make pledging easier
  • Need to get members involved and offer something in return: cultural fundraiser, community events, auctions, using the newsletter, etc. All ideas welcome!
  1. Next meeting will focus on regional gatherings

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