RMR Council Meeting 10/12/14

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Cedar Barstow (Vice Chair), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Rachael Amos, Lawrence Pevec, Joanna Dokson, Salomon Chavez, Daniela Moneta, Lucien Pevec, Laura Lathrop, Lilia Worthington, Ruslan Feldman.

 Next meeting Sunday 9th of November from 5:30-6:30.

1. Communications:

  • Regional members list: Rachael and Roland to update
  • Regional Website: set up by Jim and Roland
  • Newsletter: Rohanna Muth and Laura Lathrop to coordinate and develop.


2. Regional Helpers: met to coordinate activities—next call 17th Oct. Plans to visit groups

  • Travel fund of $215 available. Groups often help with food and funds when they invite the RHs.
  • Should we transfer $650 “congress assistance fund” to the helper travel fund?
  • Eli and Roland to determine a realistic travel budget.


  1. Subud Premises: need to investigate legal structures, zoning, ownership, financing, cash flow and possible business before looking for premises
  • Albuquerque: actively looking at premises. What help and support does the group need from the region? Lilia, Victor, Salomon formulate a proposal for next meeting.
  • Boulder: Lawrence exploring access to funding through Muhammad Subuh Foundation in 2015. Lawrence will poll Boulder group regarding interest in Subud house


4. Subud Archives: Phoenix is home to a portion of the Subud Archives. Daniela Moneta, a trained archivist gave a presentation on security, preservation, procedures and policies that are in place. The Archives are “the Source of Subud” (Ibu Ruhayu) and we need to securely preserve our history. For security reasons, the archives are not available online. Read Daniela’s informative article on the ArchivesThe archives need our support; contact Daniela for more information.

5. Atalanta Association: Lucien and Joanna gave a presentation on the mission, purpose and structure of Atalanta, a non-profit association near Crestone run by Subud members. For detailed information go to Atalanta Information or for an overview see Atalanta Association.

  • Recent changes to the vehicular access, water supply and power supply make development of the East end of the property possible
  • The Atalanta Board would like the region to be involved in development and will explore different options. Lucien and Joanna to create a proposal of the options for the next meeting.
  • A working party will be formed to look at the proposals and explore the level of interest and involvement of regional members and groups.


6. Regional Housing Fund: The investment account of $110,000 currently has two signers, Steve Radow and Matthew (Danton) Spivey. It currently has no written protocols for its purpose, management or application procedures.

  • The proposal to add Eli as a signer and retain Steve and Danton as signers was moved and carried: Roland to complete the documentation
  • Documentation for the purpose of, and application procedures for the fund will be drawn up and ratified by the council in the next 2 months: Eli and Roland


  1. Fund Raising: Donations to the region can now be made through the website on our donate page.

Please set up a recurring monthly donation for as little as $5. It makes all the difference.

We are very pleased to have Cedar Barstow as the new Vice Chair. Thank you Cedar for taking the minutes.

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