RMR Council Meeting 1/10/16

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Salomon Chavez (RH), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Joanna Dokson (RH), Lianne Card (NH), Cedar Barstow (Vice Chair), Ruslan Feldman (RH), Rachel Amos (RH), Loretta Covert, Rohanna Muth.

Next meeting Sunday 14th of February from 5:30-6:30

  1. Regional Congress
  • Testing: Best before National Congress, not in Ramadhan. Feeling needs to be inclusion and connection, not just business
  • Timing: Prefer Memorial Day weekend Sat. 28th-30th. Other weekends in late May possible. Early June weekend not good for some members.
  • Venue: Rohanna checked out Bosque Center—prices and facilities good but need to clarify if onsite childcare and children meals possible. Rohanna and Salomon will visit the Madonna Center—Roland to explore required group liability insurance with National Office
  • Children and Families: Needs to actively include children and families. Need structured professional childcare onsite or close by.
  1. Women’s Gathering/Retreat
  • Loretta Covert hosting a women’s Kedjiwaan meeting on March 4th-6th at her house in Crestone
  • More information will be available in the Regional Newsletter coming out soon.
  1. Review of Council Proposals and Tasks in 2016

Spiritual Wellness:

  • Regional Helper Visits: Men and women helpers visited Denver. Women helpers visited Santa Fe. Men helpers visited Albuquerque. Proposed RH visits in 2016: Carbondale, Phoenix and women in ABQ.
  • Regional Latihan: regular time 2nd Sunday of each month at 7.00. Needs better promotion and reminders. Need email lists of regional members for the RH to send out reminders—Roland to compile lists.
  • Women’s Retreat: in process organized by Loretta.

Other topics were not address due to lack of time.


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