Cedar Barstow – The Rocky Mountain Region’s Vice Chair

Cedar Barstow – The Rocky Mountain Region’s Vice Chair Here we are, Ren and I—at five years of marriage. We’re celebrating with a gorilla at the Carousel of Happiness in Nederland, Colorado. I had never heard of Subud before meeting Reynold Ruslan Feldman (Ren), although I later discovered that my former husband, Tom Daly, and his first wife were both active in Subud while they were attending the University of Colorado! Subud practices of latihan and testing as well as my wonderful Subud companions in Boulder are very meaningful and grounding for me. I come to Subud as part of a long spiritual journey starting with my youth in the United Church of Christ (UCC). My grandfather was President of the Hartford Seminary Foundation, perhaps the major UCC seminary. I then spent many years as a Quaker after graduating from Earlham College, a fine Quaker school in Indiana. I then dedicated 20 years to learning about shamanism, ritual, and the Christian Kabbalah from Elizabeth Cogburn and the Earth Song Ceremonial Community. Now Ren and I attend St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder. I’ve enjoyed working with Roland Evans as his and the RMR’s vice chair for the past year and … Continue reading

Reflections: National Congress 2015

Reflections National Congress 2015 Gatherings of this kind attract me because they form social check-in points with the greater Subud Community. I’ve attended Subud Gatherings at all five levels of organization since 1969. Most of my international travel experience has been related to these gatherings. They provide a sense of who we are and how we interact as a region, nation and part of a global community. Like everything else in our collective lives, they are evolving toward some unknown future for the role of Subud in the World. Rarely have I played an official role at Subud gatherings. A few times I was a chairman or helper or was asked to assist with one function or another. Most often I attended Subud gatherings as an observer. This time I was asked to represent the Rocky Mountain Regional Helpers. I was delighted that Roland Evans would be attending and would represent our region in his role as Chairman of our RMR Joint Council. The regional helper’s mandate is to assist regional members if situations related to their spiritual development and engagement with the latihan. This function played out in several personal and group testing sessions and discussions, not necessarily only … Continue reading

Nepal “A Community Moment”

The Caste System and Disaster Relief in Nepal by Hamilton Pevec “A Community Moment” The following is taken from the blog of Subud member Hamilton Pevec who lives in Pokhara, Nepal with his wife, Devika Gurung. Pokhara is about fifty miles and four hours’ driving time from the April earthquake epicenter in Gorkha. The earthquake took the lives of more than 8,000 people and injured more than 19,000. Hamilton is currently back with his family in Carbondale, Colorado. You can read the complete article from Hamilton in the SDI e-news. It made me feel like a good consumer spending a lot of money on relief supplies, over US $ 1,000 on tarps alone. One ton of rice plus 330 pounds of potatoes cost $470! Seventy mattresses and 35 yards of foam matting cost US$ 600. We got everything ready to go and booked a truck for 8 the next morning. By 10:30 it still hadn’t arrived. Then we remembered it was Saturday. The driver had told us he would be there; then he must have remembered he doesn’t work on Saturday but failed to inform us. We took the extra day to do more purchasing, arrange another truck and jeep, and … Continue reading

Crossing Over the Gap Between Two Worlds – Nepal

Subud member/sent from mother Illene Pevec/ Son of Illene and Lawrence A note from Nepal THE ASPEN TIMES May 17, 2015 May 17, 2015 http://www.aspentimes.com/news/16369386-113/a-note-from-nepal Hamilton Pevec, a Carbondale resident helping out in Nepal following the devastating earthquake there last month, sent this note from Nepal: May 4, 2015 Crossing Over the Gap Between Two Worlds By Hamilton Pevec, Pokhara, Nepal A few months back, I was handing out paddleboard tour fliers in Kathmandu. I gave one to a pretty Nepali woman. She stopped, read the whole thing and asked me, “Is this your business?” “Yeah, I manage and run the tours.” “I am a travel agent. I am from Masel.” “Great!” I stayed in touch with her. Six days after the quake, I sent her and everyone else I know messages to check in and see if they were all right. Laxsmi replied, “I am OK. I am with my family in the village. My father died in the house when it fell on him.” How do you respond to a text message like that? “I’m sorry for your loss, where are you? Do you need anything?” “We are hungry and sleeping outside.” Her village became our next destination. Our … Continue reading

Earthquake Article 6 – The Monsoon is Coming.

Earthquake Article 6 – The monsoon is coming.   Reported by Hamilton Pevec There is a feeling among all the relief workers and local people that when the monsoon hits, so will disaster. The surface has been loosened by earthquakes and prepped to wash away in the rain. “The monsoon is coming” has added a new level of urgency to our work. At the beginning of June Robin, Collin, Devika and myself went back to the Dalit village, Bonpale, to determine if they wanted to learn how to build earth bag houses. We knew we had to pass through Palungtar, the village that previously ignored half of it inhabitants because they were from a lower caste. I felt compelled to go back and deliver the supplies requested by those excluded in an attempt to balance things out, right the social injustice. On one hand it felt good, but on the other I couldn’t help but wonder if this will only perpetuate the caste divisions. Just talking about it, even writing about it is a way of acknowledging that the system is in effect. I believe that if you want to induce major social change, one must begin with the language. “Choose your … Continue reading


By Rohanna Muth Ibu Rahayu’s vision. Ibu Rahayu expressed her wish that Susila Dharma provide support to Subud Elders in need of practical or spiritual assistance in their lives. With this inspiration, Susila Dharma USA has created a project called The Elderberry Program, which will fall under the auspices of Subud USA before establishing its own independent non-profit 501(c)3 status. Mardiyah Tarantino, Rachael Knotz and Marilyn Schirk comprise the team that is helping to transform Ibu Rahayu’s vision into reality. We are grateful to Ibu Rahayu for lighting the flame beneath this endeavor. For those of us who are Elders, it will be comforting to know that this service exists, and for those who become Volunteers, it will be fulfilling to set foot on this natural path, enriching one another’s lives  mutually rewarding for both Elders and Volunteers. Elderberry’s mission. The primary mission of Elderberry is to meet the significant and growing need within the aging Subud community in the United States, caring for members who would welcome assistance as well as reuniting and serving our elder members who may have drifted away due to illness and/or age. Elderberry will leverage Subud networks  local and regional helpers, committees … Continue reading

Report on My Participation in the U.S. Helper Gathering of March 6-8, 2015, in Sacramento, California

By Reynold Ruslan Feldman, Boulder, Colorado Regional Helper, Subud Rocky Mountains Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is a brief report of my impressions from this gathering of helpers from around the country. Somewhere between 80 and 100 helpers—local, regional, national, and international (3)—came together at the spacious headquarters of Public Radio Station KVIE in California’s capital. Things started with a latihan Friday afternoon, March 6th, and concluded in my case with a latihan before lunch on Sunday, March 8th. In between we did virtually continual latihans and took part in either whole-group or small-group (6-8 people each) testing-cum-discussion sessions. There was one final post-lunch latihan on Sunday that I missed because of my flight-departure schedule. In the early days Bapak used the Indonesian term asuhan to describe an intense Subud workshop of several days where the content was primarily latihan and testing. With 15-to-20 hours spent in a latihan state over the three days, this gathering was definitely an asuhan. Partial exceptions were Friday night, when the three His talked about their recent trip to Indonesia, and Saturday night. Concerning the latter, after Rosanna Schutte’s exceptional rendition of Hamid Camp’s song “The Highway Is Here,” which served to call us … Continue reading