RMR Council Meeting 5/17/15

Attending: Loretta, Roland, Orianne, Eli, Ruslan Regional Gathering Accomodation: Not many left, as there is another event that weekend. Book soon. Eli has sent reminder—may need another Available: Casa del sol, one single room $70/night.  Sangre de Cristo Inn. Registration: 28 people registered including 12 kids At least 15 more indicated they are coming but not registered Maybe 50 plus people total Discussion about possibly calling people, maybe isolated people or people who have indicated interest. Practical Preparation We have the tents We have some volunteers to help with setup on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Maybe hire a young person to help with manual labor Max will come a day early to help. What happens to tents for family camp? Probably get help from families staying for family camp. Breakdown on Sunday night by people staying? Childcare Covered by experienced person on Saturday (not sure about Sunday) Activities available for kids on Saturday Kids in opening circle on Saturday. Kids at stables for artistic and other activities Latihan: Simultaneous latihan possible if we use POA Schedule: Friday at POA: 3:00 POA open for Registration. Loretta and Roland to do meet and greet, provide information, etc. 5:00 Meal – help yourself whenever you get … Continue reading

RMR Council Meeting 2/8/15

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Cedar Barstow (Vice Chair), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Joanna Dokson (RH), Salomon Chavez (RH), Lillia Worthington, Ruslan Feldman (RH), Victor Wuamett, Sophia Nicoletti, Orianne Evans, Leanne ?, Lawrence Pevec (RH), Rohanna Muth .  Next meeting Sunday 8th of March from 5:30-6:30. 1. Regional Gathering & Family Camp Albuquerque tested negative to host the gathering. Limited testing in Crestone was positive The weekends 5th-7th June and 12th-14th June were proposed as possible dates Megumi Sugihara in Crestone volunteered to oversee organization Possible venues are Colorado College and Dharma Ocean conference center: Megumi and Joanna to check availability. Family camp to follow after or be before the gathering, depending on which weekend.  2. Fundraising Cedar proposed to send out an email and letter explaining group and regional expenses with requests for pledges—with follow up each quarter: All agreed Recommended minimum pledge of $5 per month should not preclude low income households Important to welcome small contributions and one time donations Information about national expenses and pledges not to be included Cedar to work with Roland to get out the letter in next two weeks. Regional Housing Committee Victor and the RHC proposed using the regional housing fund to provide … Continue reading

RMR Council Meeting 12/14/14

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Cedar Barstow (Vice Chair), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Joanna Dokson (RH), Salomon Chavez (RH), Lillia Worthington, Ruslan Feldman (RH), Laura Lathrop, Victor Wuamett, Sophia Nicoletti .  Next meeting Sunday 18th of January from 5:30-6:30. Communications Newsletter: Was sent out to great reviews. Already collecting submissions for another edition early next year. Census: RHs still working on the census. Hope to have it completed before the end of the year. Finances Holding steady at the moment—3 donations via the website—completed last payment to National fund Fundraising: Historically extra comes from events and auctions. Need specific information about regional spending and budget. Question of possible conflict between contributions from groups vs. from individuals Cedar to write inspiring and encouraging letter to members—important to encourage rather than use guilt Idea of online auction or rewards for donating via the website—Cedar and Jim Idea of finding someone to match funds Regional Gathering National asked that our annual gathering not conflict with the national gathering in September—needs to be in May, June or July Memorial Day was suggested with Albuquerque and Crestone as possible venues Members from those groups will let the RHs know if they are willing to host. RHs will … Continue reading

RMR Council Meeting 11/9/14

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Cedar Barstow (Vice Chair), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Rachael Amos (Regional Helper), Lawrence Pevec (RH), Joanna Dokson (RH), Salomon Chavez (RH), Lillia Worthington, Ruslan Feldman (RH), Rohanna Muth, Orianne Evans. Next meeting Sunday 14th of December from 5:30-6:30. Communications Newsletter: Rohanna Muth and Laura Lathrop will develop a regional newsletter to come out approximately every quarter To be distributed via email with a copy on the RMR website and printed hard copies as requested Intention is to reach out to all members with shared experiences and regional information—first issue will highlight Regional Helpers and committee Rohanna to send out a request for short articles, pictures and announcements NeonCRS and MailChimp: National is promoting the use of these programs to create integrated databases and communication—this would replace our Google groups Roland to talk with National and review the programs Census: Rachel is working on the census of “regional” or “isolated” members. Boulder and Denver have completed their census RHs to remind groups to complete the census Regional Helpers RH and National Helpers will visit the Denver group on Sat 12/15 for latihan, pot-luck and testing Cultural Events Proposed cultural event in Carbondale in the Spring of next year … Continue reading

RMR Council Meeting 10/12/14

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Cedar Barstow (Vice Chair), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Rachael Amos, Lawrence Pevec, Joanna Dokson, Salomon Chavez, Daniela Moneta, Lucien Pevec, Laura Lathrop, Lilia Worthington, Ruslan Feldman.  Next meeting Sunday 9th of November from 5:30-6:30. 1. Communications: Regional members list: Rachael and Roland to update Regional Website: set up by Jim and Roland Newsletter: Rohanna Muth and Laura Lathrop to coordinate and develop.   2. Regional Helpers: met to coordinate activities—next call 17th Oct. Plans to visit groups Travel fund of $215 available. Groups often help with food and funds when they invite the RHs. Should we transfer $650 “congress assistance fund” to the helper travel fund? Eli and Roland to determine a realistic travel budget.   Subud Premises: need to investigate legal structures, zoning, ownership, financing, cash flow and possible business before looking for premises Albuquerque: actively looking at premises. What help and support does the group need from the region? Lilia, Victor, Salomon formulate a proposal for next meeting. Boulder: Lawrence exploring access to funding through Muhammad Subuh Foundation in 2015. Lawrence will poll Boulder group regarding interest in Subud house   4. Subud Archives: Phoenix is home to a portion of the Subud Archives. Daniela … Continue reading

Atalanta Association Information

Date the Association was set up and its legal status Atalanta Association received the 44 acres land from the Manitou Foundation in 1995 501 c3 incorporated in 1996 The mission statement, bylaws, and members of the board of directors–what is Atalanta’s stated purpose and its limitations/restrictions? Mission Statement: “Living responsibly, in peace and harmony with all of our relations.” Bylaws: initial 1996, amended 1999 Current members of the board of directors: [all are Subud members] – Joanna Dokson – Frederick Dunets – Lucien Pevec – Marcella Lunt – Dahlan R. Foah – Megumi Sugihara Purpose (from Bylaws): “The Purpose of this corporation is the establishment of a place of nurturing for people of all ages in a spirit-directed, self-sustaining, working community. By undertaking projects and sponsoring programs and events, Atalanta Association intends to demonstrate that new dimensions of learning, creativity, healing, and worship are possible when individuals use their talents and skills collaboratively and when they actively attempt to follow God’s will in all their work. Atalanta further intends to carry out its mission where ever possible in cooperation with other communities on Manitou Foundations land and with groups elsewhere.” Physical description, including the size of the land, access, the buildings … Continue reading

Atalanta Association

Mission and Purpose Atalanta is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that received 44 acres of land near the town of Crestone, CO from the Manitou Foundation in 1995/96. Its mission is, “Living responsibly, in peace and harmony with all of our relations.” The purpose of Atalanta is the establishment of a place of nurturing for people of all ages in a spirit-directed, self-sustaining, working community. The association undertakes projects and sponsors programs and events that demonstrate new dimensions of learning, creativity, healing, and worship. These arise when individuals use their talents and skills collaboratively and when they actively follow God’s will in all their work. Atalanta seeks to carry out its mission in cooperation with other communities and groups. Location and Facilities Atalanta is located in the San Luis Valley at the base of the stunning Sangre de Cristo Mountains in south-central Colorado, approximately 4 hours South of Denver. Its isolation makes access and development difficult, but the surrounding area is host to many other regional/national/international spiritual and religious centers. Of the 44 acres of land, 9 eastern most acres are available for more concentrated development due to water access through the local water district. The land has a greenhouse and … Continue reading

Archives for the World Subud Association in our Region

Did you know that we have one of the five WSA Archives in Phoenix? In 1977, Bapak designated there should be five international archive centers, the main one in Indonesia, with back-up collections in England, the United States, Australia, and Japan. Mary Thompson, the archivist in England, sent large tin trunks to each international archives center with a set of Subud books and publications. That was the beginning and we still have the trunk and much more. When Subud started to spread out into the world, committees, helpers, and members wrote to Bapak for advice and guidance. Wisma Subud collection is about a quarter million papers that hold the history of Subud, including about 84,000 pages of letters to and from Bapak, reports of national committees and zones, helper reports from all over the world, World Congress papers, photographs, films and videos, and, of course, Bapak’s writings and his talks in edited and unedited forms. It also contains 20,000 letters in the Ibu Rahayu Collection of her correspondence with the membership from 1987 to current times and her talks which we still look forward to hearing. The international archives for the USA ended up in Phoenix because I am a … Continue reading

RMR Council Meeting 9/7/14

Present: Roland Evans, Ruslan Feldman, Laura Lathrop, Lilea Worthington, Eli Dokson, Rachel Amos, Orianne Evans, Lawrence Pevec, Salomon Chavez, Rohanna Muth, Joanna Dokson. Monthly Meeting Times: Different times were suggested and put up on a “Doodle” Internet calendar. Most people present can do 5.30-6.30 on Sunday evenings—but that does conflict with some group latihans. Next meeting:  Sunday October 12th 5.30-6.30pm Ideas and Experiences from the International Congress in Puebla Salomon, Ruslan, Lawrence, Laura and Lilea shared their experiences and offered suggestions for our region. Most participants expressed how wonderful the Congress was for them personally, even though there were difficulties with congress organization.  Some highlights include: Recognizing the amazing willingness and capacity of volunteers to get things done Working through conflicts and differences in order to work together Enjoying the artistic talent and energy of younger members Feeling encouraged that younger members can “carry the torch” of Subud into the future Experiencing the large latihans and the questions recorded by Ibu Rahayu and tested during latihan “Awakening testing” in breakout groups The “Success Panels” discussing Subud enterprises, especially the relationship between Kalimantan Gold and the indigenous culture and people The benefits of and support for Subud houses/premises throughout the world. … Continue reading