Atalanta Association

Mission and Purpose
Atalanta is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that received 44 acres of land near the town of Crestone, CO from the Manitou Foundation in 1995/96. Its mission is, “Living responsibly, in peace and harmony with all of our relations.”

The purpose of Atalanta is the establishment of a place of nurturing for people of all ages in a spirit-directed, self-sustaining, working community. The association undertakes projects and sponsors programs and events that demonstrate new dimensions of learning, creativity, healing, and worship. These arise when individuals use their talents and skills collaboratively and when they actively follow God’s will in all their work. Atalanta seeks to carry out its mission in cooperation with other communities and groups.

Location and Facilities
Atalanta is located in the San Luis Valley at the base of the stunning Sangre de Cristo Mountains in south-central Colorado, approximately 4 hours South of Denver. Its isolation makes access and development difficult, but the surrounding area is host to many other regional/national/international spiritual and religious centers.

Of the 44 acres of land, 9 eastern most acres are available for more concentrated development due to water access through the local water district. The land has a greenhouse and garden shack and is currently used for community gardens & community supported agriculture, dairy goats programs, horseback riding programs, education programs for all ages and the Subud annual family camp. Baca Grande stables, run by Atalanta, are situated nearby.

Relation to Subud and the RM Region
Atalanta is not legally associated with the Subud organization but the six members of the Board are all Subud members. It invites Subud members to be involved in many different capacities:

  • Volunteering in garden, stable, and/or other programs
  • Participating in the food share (vegetables/eggs/milk/cheese)
  • Serving as a board member
  • Providing financial support
  • Attending Subud family camp
  • Holding workshops on the property
  • Administration, fundraising, and management

The board has discussed designating 2 acres for initial Subud development. This could be developed in different ways for multiple purposes:

  • A latihan space and dormitory
  • A community cultural center
  • A conscious-living retirement center.

The intention could be to provide a gathering space and focal point for Subud and community activities and workshops.

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