RMR Council Meeting 2/8/15

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Cedar Barstow (Vice Chair), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Joanna Dokson (RH), Salomon Chavez (RH), Lillia Worthington, Ruslan Feldman (RH), Victor Wuamett, Sophia Nicoletti, Orianne Evans, Leanne ?, Lawrence Pevec (RH), Rohanna Muth .

 Next meeting Sunday 8th of March from 5:30-6:30.

1. Regional Gathering & Family Camp

  • Albuquerque tested negative to host the gathering. Limited testing in Crestone was positive
  • The weekends 5th-7th June and 12th-14th June were proposed as possible dates
  • Megumi Sugihara in Crestone volunteered to oversee organization
  • Possible venues are Colorado College and Dharma Ocean conference center: Megumi and Joanna to check availability.
  • Family camp to follow after or be before the gathering, depending on which weekend.

 2. Fundraising

  • Cedar proposed to send out an email and letter explaining group and regional expenses with requests for pledges—with follow up each quarter: All agreed
  • Recommended minimum pledge of $5 per month should not preclude low income households
  • Important to welcome small contributions and one time donations
  • Information about national expenses and pledges not to be included
  • Cedar to work with Roland to get out the letter in next two weeks.
  1. Regional Housing Committee
  • Victor and the RHC proposed using the regional housing fund to provide earnest money for Subud premises
  • The RHA created a policy document with safeguards, due diligence and decision making procedures for that purpose
  • The council agreed in principle: Roland and the RHA to finalize the policy document.

 4. Publication: “Bapak’s Advice and Guidance to Helpers” Withdrawn

  • Ruslan gave background on the legal and ethical issues raised by passages in the BAGH—some of Bapak’s words could be interpreted as discriminating against women and homosexuals
  • The US National Board decided to stop publication of the BAGH for legal reasons—Ibu Rahayu supported the legal decision: a notice will go out to members
  • International Helpers will meet with Ibu to discuss revision or new edition—the issues are complicated by different cultural, legal and religious approaches around the world
  • Brings up the question: Was Bapak right about everything—an infallible guide or a Javanese man born in the 20thC with certain cultural limitations?
  • Question of how to train new helpers, not just administrative but also spiritual aspects
  • US helpers meeting in March: Ruslan asked for financial support from the region to attend and bring back report

5. Other Items

  • Newsletter: Another great edition sent out in February: thanks to Rohanna and Laura: need more material for the next edition
  • Atalanta: Board meeting in March—will have more information then

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