RMR Council Meeting 12/14/14

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Cedar Barstow (Vice Chair), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Joanna Dokson (RH), Salomon Chavez (RH), Lillia Worthington, Ruslan Feldman (RH), Laura Lathrop, Victor Wuamett, Sophia Nicoletti .  Next meeting Sunday 18th of January from 5:30-6:30. Communications Newsletter: Was sent out to great reviews. Already collecting submissions for another edition early next year. Census: RHs still working on the census. Hope to have it completed before the end of the year. Finances Holding steady at the moment—3 donations via the website—completed last payment to National fund Fundraising: Historically extra comes from events and auctions. Need specific information about regional spending and budget. Question of possible conflict between contributions from groups vs. from individuals Cedar to write inspiring and encouraging letter to members—important to encourage rather than use guilt Idea of online auction or rewards for donating via the website—Cedar and Jim Idea of finding someone to match funds Regional Gathering National asked that our annual gathering not conflict with the national gathering in September—needs to be in May, June or July Memorial Day was suggested with Albuquerque and Crestone as possible venues Members from those groups will let the RHs know if they are willing to host. RHs will … Continue reading

RMR Council Meeting 11/9/14

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Cedar Barstow (Vice Chair), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Rachael Amos (Regional Helper), Lawrence Pevec (RH), Joanna Dokson (RH), Salomon Chavez (RH), Lillia Worthington, Ruslan Feldman (RH), Rohanna Muth, Orianne Evans. Next meeting Sunday 14th of December from 5:30-6:30. Communications Newsletter: Rohanna Muth and Laura Lathrop will develop a regional newsletter to come out approximately every quarter To be distributed via email with a copy on the RMR website and printed hard copies as requested Intention is to reach out to all members with shared experiences and regional information—first issue will highlight Regional Helpers and committee Rohanna to send out a request for short articles, pictures and announcements NeonCRS and MailChimp: National is promoting the use of these programs to create integrated databases and communication—this would replace our Google groups Roland to talk with National and review the programs Census: Rachel is working on the census of “regional” or “isolated” members. Boulder and Denver have completed their census RHs to remind groups to complete the census Regional Helpers RH and National Helpers will visit the Denver group on Sat 12/15 for latihan, pot-luck and testing Cultural Events Proposed cultural event in Carbondale in the Spring of next year … Continue reading

RMR Council Meeting 10/12/14

Attending: Roland Evans (Chair), Cedar Barstow (Vice Chair), Eli Dokson (Treasurer), Rachael Amos, Lawrence Pevec, Joanna Dokson, Salomon Chavez, Daniela Moneta, Lucien Pevec, Laura Lathrop, Lilia Worthington, Ruslan Feldman.  Next meeting Sunday 9th of November from 5:30-6:30. 1. Communications: Regional members list: Rachael and Roland to update Regional Website: set up by Jim and Roland Newsletter: Rohanna Muth and Laura Lathrop to coordinate and develop.   2. Regional Helpers: met to coordinate activities—next call 17th Oct. Plans to visit groups Travel fund of $215 available. Groups often help with food and funds when they invite the RHs. Should we transfer $650 “congress assistance fund” to the helper travel fund? Eli and Roland to determine a realistic travel budget.   Subud Premises: need to investigate legal structures, zoning, ownership, financing, cash flow and possible business before looking for premises Albuquerque: actively looking at premises. What help and support does the group need from the region? Lilia, Victor, Salomon formulate a proposal for next meeting. Boulder: Lawrence exploring access to funding through Muhammad Subuh Foundation in 2015. Lawrence will poll Boulder group regarding interest in Subud house   4. Subud Archives: Phoenix is home to a portion of the Subud Archives. Daniela … Continue reading

RMR Council Meeting 9/7/14

Present: Roland Evans, Ruslan Feldman, Laura Lathrop, Lilea Worthington, Eli Dokson, Rachel Amos, Orianne Evans, Lawrence Pevec, Salomon Chavez, Rohanna Muth, Joanna Dokson. Monthly Meeting Times: Different times were suggested and put up on a “Doodle” Internet calendar. Most people present can do 5.30-6.30 on Sunday evenings—but that does conflict with some group latihans. Next meeting:  Sunday October 12th 5.30-6.30pm Ideas and Experiences from the International Congress in Puebla Salomon, Ruslan, Lawrence, Laura and Lilea shared their experiences and offered suggestions for our region. Most participants expressed how wonderful the Congress was for them personally, even though there were difficulties with congress organization.  Some highlights include: Recognizing the amazing willingness and capacity of volunteers to get things done Working through conflicts and differences in order to work together Enjoying the artistic talent and energy of younger members Feeling encouraged that younger members can “carry the torch” of Subud into the future Experiencing the large latihans and the questions recorded by Ibu Rahayu and tested during latihan “Awakening testing” in breakout groups The “Success Panels” discussing Subud enterprises, especially the relationship between Kalimantan Gold and the indigenous culture and people The benefits of and support for Subud houses/premises throughout the world. … Continue reading

RMR Council Meeting 8/10/14

Present: Rachel Amos, Eli Dockson. Roland Evans, Marie Jeffers Next Meeting September 7th at 5.30 • Meeting time is later to avoid Sunday group latihans • Move to 1st Sunday of the month Connection and Community • Some groups do not have strong connection between members • Connection starts at local group and then works outward • Joint projects help facilitate connection Suggestions: • Promote regular visits of nearby groups for joint latihans (potlucks?) • Use the council as a means to connect by contacting individuals from each group and inviting them to participate. Regional Helpers • How should we support the work of the regional helpers—not just financially? What is the role of the council in facilitating RH work? • Should there be a regular program of visiting groups by RHs—not just for crises • How can we get local helpers more involved? Suggestions: • Invite helpers from each group to council or phone kedjiwan meetings—regional council to facilitate. International Congress • Invite members who attended the Congress in Puebla to share their experience and ideas • Use next council meeting for that purpose … Continue reading

Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting 7/6/14

Meetings Larger group latihans over a number of days has a powerful, cumulative spiritual effect. The entertainment, artistic presentations and being together were very worthwhile. Suggestions: Find a way to get someone from each local group to meetings—Arizona and Utah in particular Decide if Albuquerque should be the venue of the next regional gathering Have one event in each local group each year or every two years Offer travel assistance for delegates to meetings from outlying areas Whip up support for meetings. Council Membership The council meetings are open to everyone; it has about 20 members. There are group emails and phone meetings. A number of people were interested in joining. Suggestions: Send out an agenda and notify everyone on how to be involved in the meetings Find a time that is good for most people Allocate specific tasks to people that like to do them. Regional Assets The region has $110,000 in a regional housing fund with Steve Radow as the trustee. The Atalanta Project has 44 acres in Crestone. Currently it has community gardens, a straw-bale building, goats and occasional use for Subud or community programs. Discussion Should we consider buying a house or property for the region? … Continue reading