Atalanta Association Information

Date the Association was set up and its legal status
Atalanta Association received the 44 acres land from the Manitou Foundation in 1995
501 c3 incorporated in 1996

The mission statement, bylaws, and members of the board of directors–what is Atalanta’s stated purpose and its limitations/restrictions?
Mission Statement: “Living responsibly, in peace and harmony with all of our relations.”
Bylaws: initial 1996, amended 1999

Current members of the board of directors: [all are Subud members]

  • – Joanna Dokson
  • – Frederick Dunets
  • – Lucien Pevec
  • – Marcella Lunt
  • – Dahlan R. Foah
  • – Megumi Sugihara

Purpose (from Bylaws):
“The Purpose of this corporation is the establishment of a place of nurturing for people of all ages in a spirit-directed, self-sustaining, working community. By undertaking projects and sponsoring programs and events, Atalanta Association intends to demonstrate that new dimensions of learning, creativity, healing, and worship are possible when individuals use their talents and skills collaboratively and when they actively attempt to follow God’s will in all their work. Atalanta further intends to carry out its mission where ever possible in cooperation with other communities on Manitou Foundations land and with groups elsewhere.”

Physical description, including the size of the land, access, the buildings and how the land is currently being used
Atalanta is located on 44 acres in the high altitude San Luis Valley, near the town of Crestone, CO, at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in south-central Colorado. Crestone and surrounding area is a host of approximately 30 regional/national/international spiritual and religious centers.

Size: 44 Acres (of which the 9 eastern most acres are available for more concentrated development due to water access through local water district. The Atalanta board has discussed designating 2 acres for initial Subud development.)

  • 4 hours south from Denver International Airport, CO.
  • 2.5 hours west from Colorado Springs Airport, CO
  • 4 hours north of Albuquerque Airport, NM
  • Nearest regional airport: Alamosa, CO (1hour south of Atalanta)

Current Buildings:

  • greenhouse
  • garden shack
  • Baca Grande Stables (has been leased for 18 years)

Current use:

  • Community garden & Community Supported Agriculture
  • Dairy goats programs
  • Horseback riding programs
  • Education programs for all ages
  • Subud annual family camp

Relationship with Subud–whether this is implicit or part of the mission/bylaws
[adopted from Marketing/Brochure Information]
The Atalanta Association is a non-profit cultural enterprise initiated by members of the spiritual organization, Subud. It is a place of learning that fosters growth of children and adults in the healing, creative, and technological arts, honoring the human spirit, nature, and community. One mandate is to be an example of sustainability through offering programs, projects, and activities, which explore and celebrate life in all its rich diversity.
[from Hanafi Fraval – parenthesis added by Atalanta Board members for clarification]
“The answer (to the question of relationship between Subud and Atalanta) is that enterprises (and projects such as Atalanta) do not interact either legally or financially, other than as donors, occasionally. In fact there are very few enterprises these days that are donating money to Subud in the USA. Sad, but true. If you have a project like this Regional Latihan Hall, perhaps the best thing would be to set up a special-purpose enterprise to make it happen. Of course, the same comments would apply for any kind of retirement community. It might be best to make the retirement community into an enterprise.”

 Funds or assets earmarked for development.

  • $ 8,000 in saving account
  • $ 4,000 earmarked in Subud San Luis Valley for road improvement
  • Currently, preparing proposal toward Subud foundation

What are the proposed projects?  How far along are these projects?  How are the projects to be funded?
Projected Goals throughout the years: [Current and on going]

  • People of all faiths and ages can find and utilize their true talents, whether in the arts, agriculture, healing, education, business, etc.
  • People can grow, develop, and lovingly support each other by truly following their inner guidance
  • Children can live as children under the secure and nurturing grace that comes from honoring the land, honoring themselves, being honored by responsible adults, and honoring Our Creator
  • A non-denominational, non-judgmental context for the worship of Our Creator can exist, free of ideological structures and preconceptions
  • A self-sustaining community is built and maintained upon sound ecological principles
  • To develop a Farm and Learning center as a place to experience the reciprocal healing relationship that exists between Nature and humankind
  • To provide opportunities in the arts as a means of discovering, experiencing, and expressing true inner culture
  • To create a place of nurturing for people of all ages in a spirit-directed, sustainable, working and learning community
  • Our Earth is honored in loving, responsible, and demonstrable terms
  • Develop a farm and sustainability learning center as a place to experience the reciprocal, healing relationship that exists between nature and humankind
  • Provide opportunities in the arts (using a wide definition of the arts) as a means of expressing and experiencing true culture
  • Create a place of nurturing for people of all ages in spirit-directed, sustainable working/learning environment
  • Participate in the building of community, locally, nationally, and globally


  • Experiential Education Programs such as a therapeutic Riding program for people with disabilities
  • A community Orchard/Garden for local residents
  • The dairy goat and sheep co-op
  • A dormitory/Latihan building
  • Seminars in Permaculture and ecological building methods

Funding: [ultimately aimed to be financially self-sustaining]

  • Current – each project is self-sustaining
  • Future – grants (to be applied), additional enterprise opportunities

 How could the region and its members be involved with these projects?

  • Volunteering in garden, stable, and/or other programs
  • Participating in the food share (vegetables/eggs/milk/cheese)
  • Serving as a board member
  • Providing financial support
  • Attending Subud family camp
  • Holding workshops on the property
  • Administrative, Fundraising, and Management

How would these projects be of benefit to the region?

  • Provide a regional/national/international gathering space (physical location) and focal point for Subud regional activities.
  • Having a Subud’s presence to the community and the world
  • Serve as workshop location.
  • Provide a Community Cultural Center
  • Provide a conscious living retirement center
  • Providing interface for Subud to the rest of the world
  • Being of service to local Subud and non-Subud community
  • Presenting a concrete example of harmonious, sustainable living practices

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