Welcome to the Subud Rocky Mountain Region Website

Subud is an international association of people of all nationalities, beliefs, faiths, and cultures who share a unique spiritual practice known as the latihan. Subud is not a religion and requires no study or teacher. The latihan is an experience that is in harmony with all faiths and is open to those who are 17 years and over, with or without religious affiliation.

The Rocky Mountain Region includes members living in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Worldwide, Subud centers exist in 92 countries. For further inquiries about Subud please call our National Office at (360) 708-2725 or contact the Rocky Mountain Region Chairman, Roland Evans, at roland@roland-evans.com.

Strengthening Our Heart Connection in Tucson

Although it was unseasonably cold and the swimming pool was for polar bears, there was much warmth at the regional gathering. Some 50 Subudians came from various nooks and crannies of our Rocky Mountain Region as well as from places further afield…read more